How to share really weird prayer requests

Here is some really good advice from Jonathan Acuff, taken from his Stuff Christians Like blog:

3 ways to share a weird prayer request.

Pretend it’s not weird.

Act like it’s perfectly normal that your uncle is starting a militia that uses jungle cats instead of firearms. Just say, “Can you pray for my uncle Carl, he got another tiger and he’s been doing so well but we’re afraid he’s going to get the big cats back together and wreak some havoc on his local government.” Then if someone acts like that’s weird, pretend it’s not and then make them feel like they’re the only one who doesn’t have a relative who specializes in feline firearms.

Sandwich it.

Don’t send out that weird prayer request by itself. Sandwich it into the middle of two other completely normal prayers. Like so, “I’d like continued prayer about my job situation, I think a drifter might be using our kid’s backyard treehouse as a meth lab, and my in-laws are coming to stay with us this weekend and I don’t get along with Dan’s mom, sooo.” See that, you almost missed the drifter meth lab. Always trust the “prayer sandwich.”

Save it.

Don’t throw it out in the middle of the prayer circle. Wait until people are cleaning up the snacks or walking to their cars in the parking lot. And then, like a tiny prayer grenade say, “I’ll see you next week and by the way, I’m still really thinking about donating a kidney to country start Kenny Chesney. He hasn’t asked but you just never know. I’d just feel better if he had one on reserve now that he’s becoming our generation’s Jimmy Buffet. Can you pray about that? Thanks! Have a good night.” Then just jump in your car and leave. Done and done.

In case you hadn’t noticed – its satire!  You can laugh now if you want to 🙂

Read the original article here.

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