Baptist megachurch commits $115m for massive campus

Is it me?

I must admit, I find this difficult to come to terms with:

First Baptist Church of Dallas has raised more than $115 million for a new campus, surpassing what any Protestant megachurch has ever collected toward a project.

Pastor Robert Jeffress called it a miracle, especially for a congregation that’s a fraction of the size of some of the largest churches in the country.

“Let’s never forget our Red Sea moment as a church,” he said Sunday after the capital campaign result was announced. “For generations to come people will look at May 16, 2010, as the day God parted the Red Sea and performed a miracle for the First Baptist Church of Dallas, a miracle that should fill our hearts with gratitude toward God and faith for the future.”

That is a lot of money to spend on a building!

I wonder if anyone in leadership at First Baptist Church of Dallas considered bucking the trend and using the money to feed the hungry, house the homeless and heal the sick?  Now that really would have had an impact on downtown Dallas!

What do you think?

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