Stanley Hauerwas on Evangelicals and tradition

Some interesting thoughts from theologian Stanley Hauerwas:

He admires the evangelical zeal and their high regard for the Christological centre of Scripture but highlights what he sees as the disconnect between the emphasis on a ‘personal relationship with God’ and the historical experience of the church at large – because the contemporary evangelical concept of faith is founded on the presumption that you can “make God up for yourself” without mediation through the lense of tradition and the two thousand year history of the church.

The deadly sins of evangelicalism

I saw this post at Jon Reid’s blog, ‘blog one another‘, and thought is interesting:

You’ve heard of “the seven deadly sins” taught by Roman Catholicism? For your edification, here are The Six Deadly Sins of Evangelicalism. These not only mark you as “not one of us” — they call your very salvation into question:


Supporting gay marriage as a civil right

Laws should never be shaped by culture.
If we made Bible passages into laws, we’d be better off.


Affirming “practicing gays” as legitimate people

Sexual “orientation” is not a problem, as long as you remain celibate.


Finding middle ground with pro-choicers

There can never be any middle ground.


Walking away from the institutional church

God ordained hierarchy and institutional structure.
So-called “organic” churches are just hippie Bible studies, not real churches.


Treating evolution as fact

It’s just a theory. They even call it a theory!
I get my facts from the Bible.


Questioning substitutionary atonement
as the right story for our culture

This is the complete and perfect explanation of why Jesus went to the cross.
Don’t bother me with your alternative “theories of atonement.”

We expect non-Christians to act like heathens, so they have an excuse. But if you run into someone who commits any of these offenses while still professing to be a Christian, just use this phrase: “We are deeply concerned about you.” If you still need to make your point stronger, try sounding biblical: “It grieves my soul.”

(By contrast, here are the traditional seven: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Boy, these are wussy!)

Any thoughts?