Current reading list – March 2014

Mutiny_thumbnailI’ve had Kester Brewin’s ‘Mutiny!  Why We Love Pirates, and How They Can Save Us’ in my book pile for a while, well, since it was first published,but  I have finally got round to reading it.

Brilliant so far – giving the history of piracy and how it can be relevant to our spiritual lives as Christians in the twenty first century.  I will give a full review once I’ve finished the book.

I’ve also got a few more books over the last few days to add to my book pile – andI  am looking forward to reading all three of them – see cover photos below.

Mark Sayers and Neil Cole are both long standing favourite authors of mine – both inspiring and compelling writers who make me want to act rather than just think.  Their new books, ‘Facing Leviathan’ and ‘Primal Fire’ do not look like they are going to disappoint!

The third book, ‘A Letter to my Congregation’ by Ken Wilson looked interesting and I can’t wait to get my teeth into what he has to say.

Again, I will post reviews of all three once I’ve finished reading them 🙂

51znKERQODL._SY445_ Lettercongregation_thumbnail PrimalFire_thumbnail

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