Occupy Wall St – The Revolution Is Love

How about this as an expression of the Kingdom of God….

This is the biblical vision of the Kingdom of God…the guy just doesn’t realise it. This is what Jesus came and died to achieve.  This is what the world is like with Jesus as King…he just doesn’t articulate it in that way.

It’s bigger than the church…because the church is just part of the Kingdom of God – admitedly it’s God’s chosen vehicle to express His Kingdom mission (which it doesn’t do very well), but the Kingdom is still much bigger – God is doing so much more through restitution, reconciliation, recreation and resurrection….and Jesus is the singularity at the centre of it all – whether people realise it or not…..

The ironic thing is that this is what the church is (or should be) preaching…but no-one will recognise it as the gospel because the way that the church has historically expressed it is just NOT perceived as good news by so many people in our contemporary culture….

4 thoughts on “Occupy Wall St – The Revolution Is Love

  1. Thanks fro sharing this link. I haven’t really gotten my head around what this movement is about. But if it is about what this video is saying, I agree. I can see God being behind this movement.


  2. I agree with you, Jon. It is difficult to understand what the Occupy movement is all about, mainly because I don’t think they properly know themselves as yet. However, they ‘know’ things have to change….something different is needed. I think that comes from an innate, God given desire for community, mercy and justice which is surfacing because it is becoming more and more obvious that individuality, selfishness and greed just don’t work to the benefit of all…Interesting times. Let’s keep a watching brief and see if a selfish agenda ultimately comes to the surface of Occupy – I hope not. I pray that it doesn’t just become another empty ideology. The only way to keep its core ideal is to acknowledge the unifying force of the sacred…letting God take His proper place at the centre….So that means that we as Christians need to engage and sanctify rather than criticise…and maybe be humble enough to recognise the gospel outside the church when we see it :)That’s my view anyway for what it’s worth 🙂


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