Speeding Around The World in Under 5 minutes Time Lapse

What an incredible world we live in….

As detailed on the YouTube page:

17 Countries. 343 Days. 6237 Photographs. One incredible journey. Follow the adventure at http://kienlam.net/around-the-world and http://kienlam.net

After I quit my job last year, I packed a bag, grabbed my camera and bought a one way ticket to London. 17 countries later, I compiled this time lapse of the many amazing places I came across.

Original Music: “Places and Faces” by William Lam. Will is an extremely talented musical composer whose range is barely touched in this composition he wrote specifically for the video. He’s also my little brother. Visit http://kienlam.net to download the MP3.

Haptic Braille: Book reading made easy for blind and partially sighted people

I saw this and thought it was brilliant – had to share it so you too can be in awe of a wonderful piece of functional design.

As it has been described elsewhere:

The Haptic Braille is a mouse-like device that’s capable of translating ordinary text into braille on its surface. This means that blind and partially sighted people can read virtually anything the sighted can. The technology uses optical character recognition. Simply skim it over any text and wait for the haptic feedback. I like how you can pocket and carry it over to the library. Just imagine how many books literally become available at your fingertips. Splendid!


HT: ReflectionOf.me

Super Mario Bros….on a wall!

How neat is this video – it shows the whole game of Super Mario Bros in one long tracking shot – along a wall.  Cool or what?

The video was created by Andreas Heikaus as part of his Bachelor thesis at the University of Applied science and art Hannover – very well done!

Trust me – it’s worth the watch just to admire how he did it 🙂