Digital candle lighting in Spain


Oh boy, whatever will they think of next.

The Time Magazine website has an article about the installation of digital candelabra in Spanish churches:

Every week, Marta Hernández walks to Madrid’s San Andres church and lights a candle for St. Isidro. Most of the time, the 75-year-old prays for the health of her children and grandchildren. Every now and then, though, she acts as proxy for her old friend Maria Teresa, who no longer lives in the neighborhood and misses her patron saint. “She can’t come here to light a candle to St. Isidro, so I do it for her,” says Hernández. But if David Doña and Marcos Rodríguez have their way, Maria Teresa may soon be able to light that candle herself — from the comfort of her own home.
On April 26, Doña and Rodríguez unveiled a digital candelabra in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The device, which consists of a computer screen mounted on a metal stand decorated with the Cross of St. James, allows the faithful to remotely light a virtual candle to a favorite saint through the website (translation: MyCandle). Simply click on the church and icon you want, type in your credit card or PayPal information — each candle costs about $2 — and in a dark corner of a faraway church, an onscreen candle “lights.” The candles can also be lit via text message.

Read the full article here.

Sharky tea infuser

I saw this whilst flicking though Google Reader Play earlier today and thought it was really neat – the Sharky tea-infuser, designed by Pablo Matteoda:


More photos below – brilliant bit of design if you ask me:


I’m not sure whether it is conceptual or a product that you can buy – but either way, it is definately cool.

What do you think?

Take heart, cubicle dwellers

I saw this video on the Relevant website (here) – cool or what?  I know, its actually quite sad – but cool as well, eh? Go on – I know you want one 🙂
If you’re one of those people who works in an office with no windows, you’ll want to check this out. The video, embedded below, shows what a few thousand dollars and some crazy ingenuity can do …