Stanley Hauerwas on Evangelicals and tradition

Some interesting thoughts from theologian Stanley Hauerwas:

He admires the evangelical zeal and their high regard for the Christological centre of Scripture but highlights what he sees as the disconnect between the emphasis on a ‘personal relationship with God’ and the historical experience of the church at large – because the contemporary evangelical concept of faith is founded on the presumption that you can “make God up for yourself” without mediation through the lense of tradition and the two thousand year history of the church.

Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole World

This is a good summary put in visual form…..

The Kingdom of God is not just about the future – somewhere to go when we die – it’s about now.  Jesus came, died and rose again so that God’s justice, mercy and forgiveness could be freely offered to all of creation.  Heaven and earth becoming one with Jesus as King.  A close God not a distant one…a personally involved God not an indifferent one.  Freedom for the captive, healing for the broken, comfort for the lonely….and dignity for all!!

Now that’s good news and something worth shouting about!!

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