Reading In Progress: August 2011

Just in case you wondered, here is the list of books that I am reading at the moment:


I am in the middle of reading Skye Jethani’s new book ‘With’ as part of the Nelson Book Sneeze programme – so watch out for a full review in the next couple of weeks.


There always seem to be one or other of Tom Wright’s (or NT Wright’s) books in my reading list – and I am currently working my way through ‘Surprised by Hope’ again, having read it once before.  This is a brilliant book, easy to read and full of revelation and Spirit-filled reflection on the subject of heaven and our future hope.  Highly recommended.


I am also slowing working my way through Conor Cunningham’s recent published academic work ‘Darwin’s Pious Idea’.  This is not an easy book to read – very technical and aimed at the academic community – but it is worth the effort, since Cunningham, whilst carefully walking the delicate line between science and theology, puts together a well reasoned argument for looking at the evolution versus creation debate from a completely different angle.  Hard going but worth it!


Billy Bragg’s ‘The Progressive Patriot’ was recommended to me by a friend, and am really enjoying Bragg’s reflection on his life and politics.  I am only a few chapters into the book so far – but the man talks a lot of sense for me – especially in light of the recent riots across the UK.  This book is literary ‘Marmite’ – depending on your policital leanings you will love it or hate it. 

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