Rob Bell and marketing madness

Tony Jones has given an interesting perspective of the recent Rob Bell and univeralism fuss on his blog – noting that Bell’s new book ‘Love Wins’ is already number #20 in the Amazon top sellers list, even before the book is released for shipping:

I can tell you that it’s very difficult in Amazon’s system for a book to rank when it is not yet shipping.

So, of course, what’s interesting is that all of the consternation from John Piper and Justin Taylor has served, if nothing else, to drive hordes of people to pre-order Rob’s book.  And no one did anything underhanded to achieve this spike in interest.  All they did was produce a book on a topic that lots of people are interested in and float some marketing material in the cloud that hints at what the book’s about. Rob’s theological frenemies took it from there.

Wow – how about that for a bit of marketing madness? Or is it marketing genius?

Read the full article here.

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