‘Communitas’ conference – discovering future church and mission


An email was sent out over the weekend inviting people to a new conference being held in Morpeth in early March:

Albert Einstein once said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Doesn’t church feel like that sometimes?

We do church like we have always done it; we expect revival but wonder why it never happens.

Maybe it’s time to look a fresh at what it means to be church in twenty first century Britain; to consider again how to be a witness for Jesus in a culture that increasingly considers our faith irrelevant.


Then come and join the conversation at the ‘Communitas’ conference taking place on Saturday 12 March 2011 at Storey Park Community Centre in Morpeth.

Its purpose is to question the status quo and explore what church could and maybe needs to look like in the future in order to survive and thrive, and transform our communities for Jesus.

Confirmed speakers on the day will be Roy Searle (Northumbria Community), Phil Togwell (24/7 Prayer) and Peter Farmer (UK Simple Church Network).

Come along and explore newer expressions of church and communities of faith with an emphasis on prayer and mission.

We are really excited about this event – and hope that it will help to build the network of people in the North East of England who are looking to see church have a greater impact on our local communities.

Key words that outline the main themes of the conference are:

  • Missional
  • Incarnational
  • Discipleship
  • Ancient
  • Organic
  • Emergence
  • Charisma

All brilliant subjects to investigate in their own right – but when combined together – they hopefully will allow us to consider the future of church and mission whilst reflecting on the past.

Invites are by word of mouth.  If you are interested then come along.  If you know someone who you think would want to come with you then invite them as well.

I will post more detail and reflection as we move closer to the event.

Any thoughts?



2 thoughts on “‘Communitas’ conference – discovering future church and mission

  1. This sounds fun, Martin! We’re trying to live it out here in Minnesota. Our new church is currently growing up from house groups that are growing and starting to multiply already. Acts 2:42-47 coming alive again in homes around the table with Christ has our host. Peace brother!


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