Bored in church? It could be good for you….


Great article by David Fitch on his Reclaiming the Mission blog about finding space in our busy lives to meet with God:

Recently, I was meeting in the corner booth (of the local McDonald’s) with the men in my triad (spiritual formation group) and we were talking about our Sunday morning gathering. I said “one of the best things our gathering can do for people is bore the hell out of em.” Sorry if this seems counter intuitive but I nonetheless believe it is true – literally true. Let me explain……

It is stunning to me how many many people I encounter in a month who cannot even acquire even a modicum of mind space cleared of societal clutter to meet God.  We live in a society where God is being organized out of our life experience (and this is most certainly true of our young people). If we don’t have the means to discipline our lives from societal noise, real living with God, listening and responding to his voice is lost from our horizon. God becomes an item to believe, an obligation to take care alongside the many others. And then, and I am dead serious here, other demons take over our lives. Our loneliness/our emptiness becomes filled by multivarious forms of fake pornogaphic substitutes. Demons take over. I see it everywhere.

In the midst of this, sometimes the best place (the only place) I can point people to is the gathering on Sunday morning. Go to the gathering. Not to get pumped up and inspired. Not to take some notes on the three things you can do to improve your Christian life. NO! Go to the gathering to shut down from all the noise – to submit yourself to Christ – the practice of confession – the listening to the Word – the submission to the receiving of the gift for life at the Table – to then once you have seen God again, praise Him as the one true source of your life in Jesus Christ……

The challenge at Advent is not to have a show that will entertain everyone into romanticizing Jesus….Instead, the challenge at Advent is to learn how to wait for Him. Learn patience and wait.

I like this – and think there is a wonderful truth in it that we need to hear!

Slow down

Make space

Be still

The problem is not that we don’t have enough time but that we don’t have the right priorities.

We are so busy, and through our busy-ness we want God to bless us….and yet what He deserves is our attention and our obedience!

If God is distant and low on your ‘To Do’ list at the moment, then maybe a good place to find Him anew is by deliberately standing back during your Sunday morning services this Advent – be silent – and just bask in the atmosphere as a way of finding Him near and close at hand.

Emmanuel – God really is with you – all you have to do is create some space to find Him.

How about being bored and having a go?  In the long term you will be glad you did…and it might end up being good for you 🙂

Read the full article here.


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