Duke Convocation 2010


Audio recordings of the main lectures and worship services from the 2010 Duke Divinity School Convocation Conference are now available.

The conference was entitled ‘The Living Witness: Tradition, Innovation and the Church‘  – the introduction to the conference on the Duke website is as follows:

How do we witness to the timeless truth of the Reign of God in this age of rapid-fire change, an age in which a cell phone is hopelessly out of date before the contract expires?

Such a challenge requires us to take risks, to innovate, and to explore our work across many disciplines – all in ways  that remain grounded in our Christian tradition and are framed by theological reflection.  Explore the future of Christian witness to God’s unfolding reign in the world alongside respected leaders and creative scholars from across the church—including Bishop N.T. Wright, journalist and author Andy Crouch, pastor Rob Bell, and Bishop Vashti McKenzie in addition to Duke Divinity faculty.

Download the various talks for free from here.

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