Britain still claims to be 71% Christian

Interesting article in the Daily Mail today about the sexual and religious make up of Great Britain:

More than seven out of ten Britons say they are Christians, according to an official count.  The high figure will be seen as a firm endorsement for those who argue the British public remain wedded to traditional religious values despite the fall in church attendances…..The analysis produced by the Office for National Statistics suggested that a big majority of the population still believe in Christianity.  Based on nearly 450,000 replies to a series of Government-backed surveys, it found that 71.4 per cent of the UK adult population call themselves Christians.  They dwarfed the numbers of atheists and secularists. Just over one in five people, 20.5 per cent, said they had no religion.  The analysis from the new Integrated Household Survey, which is produced from answers to the same questions put in six different established surveys, put the Muslim proportion of the population at 4.2 per cent, just under one in 20.  It said 1.5 per cent are Hindu, 0.7 per cent Sikh, 0.6 per cent Jewish, 0.4 per cent Buddhist, and 1.1 per cent say they follow another religion….

Read the full article here.

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