Freezing eggs to delay starting a family?

I thought the recent article in Time Magazine about women considering the freezing their eggs so that they could pursue their careers and still have babies later is life is an interesting observation on contemporary culture:

New research from Belgium and the U.K. suggests that women may increasingly be considering freezing their eggs as a way to prolong fertility as they pursue a career — or find the right romantic partner. A survey of nearly 200 female students found that half of those pursuing degrees in sports or education would consider freezing their eggs to give them the option to delay starting a family, while more than 8 out of 10 women pursuing a medical degree said that they would do so. Meanwhile, a tiny study in Belgium (which included only 15 women in their late 30s) found that half of those interviewed said they’d consider freezing their eggs to take the pressure off the hunt to find the right partner.
Any thoughts?
Read the full article here.

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