8 ways to make a disciple

Here’s a good reminder about how to go about making disciples – from Jon Swanson’s Levite Chronicles blog:

A disciple is a person who chooses to allow the life and teaching of someone to shape his/her own life. There can be an invitation from the teacher or a request from the disciple. (Apprentice is one of our best other words for this, a person working with a master.)
Maybe you want to help other people take your business and replicate it. Maybe you want to help other people understand how to be an entrepreneur like you, like you learned from someone else. Maybe you want to help people understand more about following Jesus.
You can’t do this with everyone in your life……
Here are 8 simple ways to make a disciple.
1. Invite people who you see have potential, whether they see it or not.
2. Spend lots of time together in a very small group out of the spotlight.
3. Let them see the cracks in your life.
4. Let them know the pain and struggles that comes from being like you.
5. Show them the infrastructure behind the scenes.
6. Trust them with your identity.
7. Trust them with their project.
8. Bless them.
(Actually, there is only one way. Show them your life.)

Read the article here.

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