The wonder of friends and family

Aren’t friends and family wonderful!

We are so blessed to have them – and yet we so easily take their love and companionship for granted.  Why do we do that?

This week has been a crazy one for me.  I have been away for a three nights on business and have driven more that 1100 miles in the last three days.  A very tiring experience.

Tuesday I drove down to Loughborough.  Wednesday down to just south of London and then across to Bath.  Thursday to Yeovil and then up to the Wirral.  Friday into Wales to Bala and then home to Northumberland via Rochdale.  That is pretty well a full tour of England – all in three days!

But I am home now, and this morning I have been reflecting on my journey.

The good thing is that although I was on business I had a chance to visit and catch up with a number of friends and family.  I stayed over night with friends in Bath on Wednesday and the Wirral on Thursday – and visited my parents and my mother-in-law on Friday on my way home.

And now, looking back, I am thankful that I am blessed with people that I can call friends, and with a family who love and care for me.

Thank you, Lord.


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