‘The Deliberate Disciple’ Facebook page


I have been thinking about Facebook over the weekend – as you do – mainly from the point of view of whether it’s fair that I post about this blog in the status updates on my personal page.

As it happens, my list of friends is a mixture of people I know through church, work, recreational activities and/ or maybe old friends from school and university.  A large number are professing Christians but some are not, and even though I don’t hide my faith, I am conscious that I don’t want to force what I believe on others if it’s not welcome!

So this has put me in a bit of a dilemma – should I continue to post about The Deliberate Disciple on my personal Facebook page or not?

As it happens, I think there is a compromise position – and have created a ‘fan’ page for The Deliberate Disciple – and will post about the blog at this page from now on.

Obviously, if you find this blog useful and enjoy reading the posts, then please become a friend of the new page.

If not, then this is your chance to be relieved of the posts on my personal page – and now you can unblock me 😉

Any thoughts?  Your opinion is valued – so please speak your mind.


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