Where has the last week gone?


Unbelievable!  Why do we allow ourselves to get so busy?

I know, for most of us it probably isn’t a deliberate decision.  It just sort of happens.  One minute we seem to have a few things to do and then…..bang!  Suddenly we find ourselves running around all over the place trying to catch up!  Or worse, running as fast as we can just to stand still….

Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe this isn’t your experience.  Maybe you’re more disciplined and time aware than I am.

But for me, the last few days have been hectic – and I look back now and wonder where the time has gone.  I have done so much, and yet don’t seem to have any real sense of satisfaction or achievement.

The thing is, and this is important, when we get really, really busy we start to lose our sense of priority.  We focus on what is in front of us, head down, rather than looking up and putting what we are doing in the context of everything else.  This eventually ends up with us feeling empty, because we become disorientated and lose the sense of how what we are doing fits in to the big picture of our lives.

Keep this up and you become tired, inefficient and ineffective – and then you forget or ignore the things that are actually most important – such as time to rest, time to be with our family, time to meditate and be with God.  Our usual disciplines and rhythms go out of the window – and yet it is these very disciplines and rhythms that we need, because they keep us grounded, and our lives in context, stopping us from losing it, running ourselves into the ground.

Eventually, our bodies tell us to slow down anyway, whether we like it or not, by our becoming ill, or depressed.  Why?  Because we can’t keep up with the pace perpetually without something breaking.

So the answer is to make ourselves slow down a little – just enough to maintain balance and remember our priorities 

So this is just me, reflecting on my week, making mental notes to slow down, to focus on balance and to get my priorities right.

Reading my Bible, praying and spending times in silence are important to my daily walk with Jesus.

Spending time with my family, my wife and son are important to keep my relationships strong.

Work is important.  Meetings associated with church are important – but not the priority!

Lord, help me find the balance I need.  Help me get my priorities right – for Your glory!

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