Sojourner Magazine – Is the Emerging Church for whites only?


Looks like there is an interesting discussion starting across the blogosphere about an article by Soong-Chan Rah and Jason Mach, to be published in the May addition of the Sojourner Magazine, criticising the Emerging Church as a ‘whites only” phenomenon:

There was a great sense of joy when I found an emerging church, a place where people from various backgrounds (so I thought) were gathered in one community. I quickly became a fan of the emerging church. But now, in the midst of my research, my excitement was beginning to fade.
The emerging church, or rather this particular expression of it, was in essence no different than the church environment in which I was raised. Younger and cooler, maybe, but still the same: white, middle- to upper-class, and reflecting many of the values associated with these categories. It became apparent to me that this “emerging,” postmodern church was simply the pierced and tattooed offspring of its older, modern parents.
Read the full article here.
The article includes some responses from Julie Clawson, Brian McLaren, and Debbie Blue but there have also been some interesting additional comments from Tony Jones (here) and Tall Skinny Kiwi (here).
Have a read of all the blog posts – mainly because they give a real insight in to where the Emerging Church is at the moment and the direction it might go in the future…..

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