Decline of ‘Churchianity’ Will Lead to Growth of Genuine Faith

Charisma magazine in the USA asked the Philo Trust’s J.John to answer the question: What will life be like for the (British) church in 2020?

His response is summarised on the Philo Trust website here, and repeated below:

“Heading towards financial, moral and social bankruptcy it is hard to be optimistic about the future of Britain. Yet amid the gloom, I see rays of encouragement and hope. My predictions?

The continuing decline in ‘Churchianity’ will lead to a void in which a genuine Christian faith will stand out clearly.

The current affection for hedonism, consumerism and secularism will be maintained, but there will be a growing realisation that they do not satisfy.

While the decline of the formal, traditional, institutional churches will continue there will be significant mega-churches in all the major cities that will be the new ‘cathedrals’ and a rapid rise in small, fluid fellowships.

As society becomes colder, more detached and increasingly virtual, the attraction of authentic, caring, Spirit-filled fellowships will be compelling.

As ‘book culture’ wanes there will be a loss of biblical knowledge that will leave the church vulnerable to fads and heresies. This will be balanced by a growth in Christians who will hold to God’s word with a new seriousness.

The failure of ‘multicultural’ philosophy and political correctness will produce some urban areas as no-go zones for evangelism. Nevertheless, there will a growing number of Christians, churches and martyrs. 

It’s not going to be boring! And God is still on His throne.
I think his observations are very astute, and as far as I am concerned, seem more or less spot on!

The question for me is what do we do about it?  What do we need to change in order to ensure that the church is ready?  

We need to seriously think about how we disciple Generation Web, our book shy youth, to be ready to lead the church in 2020 and beyond.  This is where my heart is at the moment – thinking about this very issue!  But we can only think for so long – at some point we need to start doing!!

What do you think?

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