Hologram preachers to appear in churches

Hologram preachers?  Oh boy, what will they think of next! 

A recent article in the Christian Post (here) outlines plans by Tony Morgan, pastor of ministries at West Ridge Church near Atlanta, to introduce the technology as a possible church tool.  As the article explains:
“He (Tony) had visited with the company Clark (formerly Clark ProMedia) at their offices in Alpharetta, Ga., where they demonstrated the 3D tool. As he stood on the stage of the company’s new theater, an image of another person was projected next to him.  From the audience’s perspective, it appears as if the other figure was actually present.”
It sounds great, but it’s raising a few eyebrows around the blogosphere.  Bill Kinnon commented on his blog (here):
“Since so many of us in the west are convinced that entertaining pew fodder is critical to advancing ‘the gospel’ and that only a very few have the necessary gifts to preachertain – this will become the ‘perfect’ solution”.
Ouch – but good point, well made!

However, it seems that this could be the future for multi-site churches who have the preacher at one site being beamed to screens in other locations.

I’m not really sure what I think at the moment.  I can see the advantage in some ways – and it could be useful for some applications, but I can’t help but feel that it’s a backward step, another move away from interactive, face-to-face fellowship.  And isn’t it just another example of the promotion of celebrity – but this time the celebrity preacher?  It seems a bit impersonal to me, distant and cold.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Hologram preachers to appear in churches

  1. No way! Are they serious? Do they think that would be better than watching a video? I don’t know – it just sounds too creepy to me…


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