Tying the Clouds Together – An Interview with Rob Bell

An interesting interview with Rob Bell called Tying the Clouds Together was published on Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal a couple of weeks ago – it is worth reading for no other reason that to get a feel of Rob’s take on preaching and ministry.

Just in case you have never heard of Rob Bell, here is how the article introduces him:

“He (Rob) once planted a church by teaching through Leviticus. He can use a rabbit carved from a bar of soap to illustrate the nature of suffering. Google his name and the term “Sex God” will appear among the top entries.
Rob Bell is the most interesting preacher in the world.
Bell is the founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but his reputation as an innovative communicator came largely through his video teaching series, NOOMA. Since launching Mars Hill in 1999, Bell’s ministry has expanded into books, DVDs, and live tours, but he is still committed to shepherding his community at Mars Hill through preaching.”

Quite an introduction – does he live up to it?  The most interesting preacher in the world?  I think there are some out there who would disagree.

For a start, he seems to be causing a stir amongst the more reformed and conservative elements of the blogosphere because he does things somewhat differently than most.

Is he a heretic?  Is he a neo-orthodox universalist who denies sola scriptura?  To be honest I think he likes to keep people guessing – it’s a ‘mystery’ thing he’s got going 🙂

Personally, I like the ‘cut of his jib’, have read all of his books and regularly listen to him on podcast.  Do I totally agree with his theology and doctrinal position?  No, probably not, but he is an excellent communicator who loves Jesus with a passion and wants other to love him as well – so that gives him airspace in my house!

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