Singing with The Steels

We had a great afternoon yesterday recording some backing music for The Steels’ new album – which a little mouse told me might be called ‘Supreme’.

Here are some pictures of the session – but there are only a few of them and they are not very good because they were taken on my iPhone:
The first three are of the vocalists – and what a motley crew we were :S  Women on one side of the hall singing into one microphone and men on the other side singing into another one.  The last two photos are of Ken Riley, lead singer and guitarist of Y-Friday, who is producing the album.
We had a great few hours – shouting, praising, and sometime singing in tune in order to give some ‘choral’ backing to a couple of tracks on the album.  The songs we were singing for sounded absolutely fabulous and I am really looking forward to the album coming out in the Spring.
If you want to know more about The Steels and their new or previous albums then check out their website here.


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