Vineyard ‘Justice Response’ – Fight Trafficking and Slavery

The Vineyard Anit-Slavery Task Force has set up Justice Response, a resource website to help people like you and me understand how we can join the fight against the trafficking of people around the world ie modern-day slavery:

“From Asia and Europe, from the Middle East and the Americas and Africa, almost a million people are caught in trafficking around the world, mostly women and children. An estimated 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked annually into the United States alone, not to mention an estimated 300,000 American children at-risk for domestic trafficking (trafficked within our own borders). These victims of modern-day slavery are being forced to live under oppression in the underground sex industry and labor market, and it is happening in the towns and cities where we live – it is happening where we minister.”

This is not about something that is happening somewhere else.  It is happening in the UK – today – and we should be aware of it and be willing to stand up and support those who are fighting it.

Be real.  Be aware.  Ignorance is no excuse.

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