Doable Evangelism

I heard about Jim Henderson and his Doable Evangelism campaign on a podcast of ‘This American Life’ from last November – I was listening to it in my car yesterday as I was driving home from Loughborough :S

On the Doable Evangelism website it explains why we need evangelism that is ‘doable’:
“The reality is that at best, only 10% of Christians have the “gift” of evangelism (and that would be a generous estimate). So where does that leave the rest…the ungifted, ordinary Christians? Pretty much on the sidelines watching and cheering the gifted few (and writing checks). This seems unacceptable to us.”
Sounds about right to me.

Have a look at the website – there is some good stuff on it that will get you thinking – and maybe even encourage you to do some doable evangelism…….

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