10 types of emerging church

I saw this post about types of emerging church on the Tall Skinny Kiwi blog earlier today and thought it was worth sharing.


I think it is interesting to see so many styles and flavours of church springing up all over the place as a reaction to the failing ‘traditional’ model of church.  We are no longer living in the time of Christendom and we need to realise that church structures that worked when we were living in Christendom do not work in a pagan, pluralistic and syncretistic culture.  To survive and grow we have to change, whether we like it or not!


As he comments:


“A decade ago, these emerging church models would have horrified your grandfather, especially, if he was anything like the every-Sunday-morning-Presbyterian that my grandfather was. Today, the controversy in most places [depends where you live] has subsided to the level that no one will call you a heretic or the anti-christ if you start up a church that looks like one of these models.”



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